14 Foot Ladder - 1st Floor

14 Foot Fire Escape Ladder £56.09

Post and packaging £6.99

Total £63.08

14 Ft Down And Out Fire Escape Ladder 

This is our most popular ladder, a must for all family homes, ideal for children and robust enough for the whole family. As with all Down And Out ladders they are simple to fit, easy to use: PULL OUT, THROW OUT, CLIMB OUT. All down and out ladders are supplied with all fittings and simply to understand fitting instructions. 

It is best fitted in the central bedroom where the whole family can escape in safety together. 

It is highly recommended that a plan is put together so that if the worst should happen then everybody heads for the central bedroom where it is easier to check no one is missing. 

The Down And Out fire escape ladders, are light, discrete (the size of a tissue box) and made specifically with children in mind. It can be easily deployed and descended in safety, even by the most nervous individuals. 

When not in use, the Down And Out fire escape ladder sits inside a small neat white box, permanently secured on the inside underneath the windowsill. To deploy the ladder in an emergency, simply pull the cover towards you and through the unit out of the window, the weight of the cover will deploy the ladder. 


• Weighs less than 2 kilos

• Fixed installation (simple to fit, all fitting instructions and fixings supplied) 

• Suitable for roof windows  

• Very rapid deployment 

• Dimensions: 12" long (300mm), 5" height (125mm), 3" depth (75mm) 

• No larger than a man's sized tissue box 

• Carries 500 kilos (1000 lb) 

• 10-year limited warranty 

All Down And Out ladders are supplied with all fittings and simply to understand fitting instructions.

Supplied with a separate sticker to display the escape instructions if required.

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